Stock up on nature’s hardiest — and trendiest — plants.

The Succulovers — a local Facebook group dedicated to succulent and cacti lovers — are back with their second Succulent & Cactus Extravaganza!

There’ll be loads of rare, colourful and unique succulents, cacti and lithops available. We’re talking echeverias, sempervivums, kalanchoes, cotyledon, graptopetalum, haworthias, aeoniums, pachyphytum, gasterias and more.

The last event, held back in November, got a little heated, so they’ve hired an air-conditioned hall this time. They’ll also have new stall holders, “insane” stock levels, cold drinks, and, of course, rare plants that will make collectors seriously happy.

So, whether the plants you bought last time are already dead or you just can’t get enough of the things, this is the event for you, green thumbs.

The second Succulent & Cactus Extravaganza will be held at Brassall State Primary School (132 Pine Mountain Road, Brassall) on Sunday 12 February from 8am to 11am. For more info, visit the event page.

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