Different plants thrive in different seasons, so it’s important to implement certain habits at particular times of year to maximise growing potential.

Wondering where to start with your garden in summer? There’s no use sweating away the hours putting in plants that will suffer in the heat. Bunnings National Garden Care Buyer Ashley Hazelwood offers these top tips for keeping your garden and lawn in the best condition in the hotter months

1. Plants will thrive in summer with the help of a good fertiliser. Look for organic compost and sustainable stock-free fertilisers that won’t damage the surrounding soil. Liquid fertilisers also give plants a boost and are best used a few weeks after planting.
2. Pruning increases airflow around fruit and allows direct sunlight to reach the tree’s centre. Summer is a particularly good time to prune fruit trees to maximise nature’s natural energy.
3. Use a shade cloth in the warmer months to protect young plant seedlings and give them a break from the heat.

In addition, it’s important to consider what plants will thrive in the warmer months.¬†Gardenia will grow well if planted at this time of year; ensure a sheltered, sunny position and if necessary prune back plants in late winter. Radishes are great in children’s gardens and perfect in salads – grow in an open, sunny postion and work in compost and fertiliser before sowing.

And cut back flowering heads on herbs such as basil, lemon balm and coriander this summer.

What are your tips for keeping a garden flowering and fruitful in the warmer months? Let us know your advice to make the most out of summer!