Happiness, like many things doesn’t grow on trees… however you can grow your appreciation of health and wellbeing at a health farm or retreat.

Many people find it difficult to unwind after a week at work or get stuck in a rut with their health and wellbeing. And although Brisbane has been reported as the healthiest city in Queensland, everyone can benefit from a health farm.

Health farms are defined as a residential establishment where people seek improved health by a regimen of dieting, exercise, and treatment.

There are many health farms and retreats on offer around Queensland, but here are five that are worth the trip, in no particular order:

1. Eden Health RetreatCurrumbin Valley 

Eden Health is a place to nurture your mind, body and spirit and find absolute seclusion from an increasingly busy world.

Eden Health Retreat owner Robert Christie says over many years he came to the retreat as a guest.

“I found it a transforming experience in so many ways. It is this experience that I want to share with others,” he says.

Eden Health Retreat offers more than 60 options of therapies, ranging from relaxing beauty treatments to powerful healing therapies and has a large range of activities on offer, including meditation, exercise classes, cooking workshops and dance classes.

2. Golden DoorGold Coast Hinterland

The Golden Door Australia has a passion for holistic wellness, believing that balancing one’s mind, body, and spirit will achieve lifelong wellness.

Nestled amongst the natural beauty of the Gold Coast hinterland The Golden Door offers The Biggest Loser Retreat which can support client’s health and fitness goals.

The retreat offers compassionate and supportive professionals to help build suitable nutrition and exercise programs to suit individual needs.

3. Gaia Retreat and Spa- Brooklet (NSW)

Only 50 minutes from the Queensland border, this resort was discovered by Olivia Newton-John and close friend Gregg Cave and featured on Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure.

The retreat reflects Olivia’s personal elegance and connection with the environment, something she has had a strong affinity with for many years.

There are numerous retreats available to revive, renew, refresh and restore perspectives on health and wellness and will empower you to reconnect, find balance and release stress.

4. Natural Attitudes emPower RetreatCrystal Waters

Specialising in relationship retreats and mental and emotional wellness retreats, they also offer holistic wellness retreats and personal conscious creation retreats.

Natural Attitudes Health Retreat founder and emPower coach facilitator Isabella Siodmak says the retreats are life enhancing.

“The retreats are one-on-one, we have no groups, it’s completely private and exclusive. You can really go into a deep part of yourself to really reconnect without external distractions,” she says.

5. Gwinganna Lifestyle RetreatGold Coast

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a certified Eco Tourism health retreat which offers a diverse range of activities, including exercise classes and hiking, meditation and creative dance, as well as workshops and talks by educational speakers.

The various retreats focus on mind-body connections, cleansing and detoxing the body and overall health and wellness.


Have you been to a health farm or retreat? would you consider one?