Q1 Resort and Spa offers just the right balance with indulgent pampering and an adrenaline adventure rush of the SkyPoint building climb.

You don’t need to travel far for sky high exhilaration with Australia’s highest external building climb located right on the Gold Coast. Q1 Resort and Spa and SkyPoint, at 322.5m high, is taller than the Chrysler building in New York City.

Before I embark on the SkyPoint Climb I slip into SkyPoint’s Seventy7 Café & Bar. After sampling the beef slider trio, seafood basket and antipasto platter while enjoying the breath taking views it’s almost enough to make me forget that soon I’ll be on the wrong side of that glass. The adventure starts before we step foot outside the building as our group suits up in the jumpsuits, harnesses and safety gear that will keep us from falling to our deaths. It’s not until we’ve zoomed up 77 floors in 42.7 seconds in one of Australia’s fastest elevators and moved out onto the external stairs to begin our ascent that I remember I’m afraid of heights.

It wasn’t the opportune moment to have this revelation. The instructor ensured me it was okay to turn back, but not me, I decided to push on. Each climber was attached to a safety wire that we pushed up the railing as we climbed and the views around us were so spectacular that I almost forget to be afraid. Almost. We reached the platform at the very top of Q1 and posed for photos (brave group members chose to lean out over the edge).

We watched the sun set over the horizon, then we treked down the other side of the building, high on excitement and despite my earlier fear I wanted to stay longer. That night I checked into one of Q1’s spacious one bedroom suites, complete with a laundry and kitchen and relaxing spa bath. I pulled the curtains back to see Surfers Paradise lit up as far as the eye can see and fell asleep surrounded by the thousands of tiny lights.

After my adventure I’m due for a little pampering so the next day I hit the Q1 Spa for a Kodo body massage – a procedure that uses ancient Aboriginal techniques to tone, re-align energy flow and re-harmonise the mind, body and spirit. Calmness oozes from every part of the spa and I’m treated to a relaxing foot rub before my massage. The Kodo is a full body massage that incorporates Indigenous sights, smells and sounds for an experience that’s pure bliss.

I found it hard to leave the spa after such an experience, so luckily I was invited to recline in a comfortable chair and sip tea until I was ready to move on. Q1 Resort and Spa and SykPoint offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, making this Gold Coast destination a must visit.

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