Universal Studios in Japan has released the first trailer for its wild new 4D Godzilla ride.

A brand new 4D Godzilla attraction will open at the park later this year, and it’s your best chance yet to experience a Godzilla attack from the ground level.

The Osaka-based resort first announced the Godzilla attraction last August.

The first theme park experience to feature Godzilla, it will feature “incredible video combined with special effects to stimulate the five senses”, as guests come face-to-face with the 350-foot-tall city crusher.

The park promises that guests will “experience fear and despair with amazingly realistic sensations”.

The 4D ride is part of the park’s Universal Cool Japan 2017 campaign, which will also include the Evangelion XR Ride, Attack on Titan: The Real, Detective Conan: The Escape and Monster Hunter: The Real.

The promotion will also include a spectacular show, Sengoku The Real, to be held at Osaka Castle Park.

The Universal Cool Japan 2017 promotion, featuring Godzilla: The Real 4-D, will run at Universal Studios Japan from Friday 13 January to Sunday 25 June. For more info, visit usj.co.jp/e/universal-cool-japan2017.