Planning a trip to Japan? You’ll want to make sure you include a trip to Kyoto in your itinerary after you see this beautiful drone footage.

Located in the Kansai region, Kyoto was the Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years.

It no longer plays such a central role in Japanese politics, but as one of the nation’s best preserved cities, it’s still worth a visit — particularly if you’re a fan of temples, shrines and palaces.

This architecture plays a key role in YouTuber Awa Drone’s latest video, Edge of Kyoto, which captures the beauty of this ancient city from above.

In order of appearance, the locations featured in the video include Fushimi (Momoyama) Castle, Miyama Village, Arashiyama, Tenryuuji, Senkouji, Hozu River, Ono Dam and Togetsukyo Bridge.

Check out more videos of Japan from above at Awa Drone’s YouTube channel.

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