A New Zealand tourist has visited the “Window of the World” museum in Shenzhen and has revealed how one exhibit has been totally made up.

It seems the fact checker at the “educational” museum in China’s Shenzhen province hasn’t been doing the most effective job.

A New Zealand tourist has documented the ridiculously inaccurate exhibit which details a fictional race of people with traits from cultures all over the world.

The tumblr user posted pictures of the exhibit under the title “I visited “The Window of The World” in China today and learnt about the Maorish people.”

The exhibit describes the “Maorish” as a race which hail from Sydney, speak Hawaiian and have the traditional tattoos of Indigenous New Zealanders. Nailed it, guys.

As the picture above shows, a sign at the exhibit featuring both native New Zealand- Maori and native Hawaiian- Kanaka Maoli, both in front of a grand Sydney Opera House backdrop.

Another photograph (below) shows what is described as a “Maorish Dwelling House” with “Aloha” emblazoned on the wall.


The “Window of the World” is a tourist destination known for its 130 replicas of iconic landmarks from across the world, including the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

Now it will be famous for its creation of the “Maorish” people.

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