Party lovers will call this home; lovers of nature should avoid the Vegas strip, writes Helen Goltz.

This artificial world is not for the faint-hearted; it’s a bit like a car-crash – you can’t look away. Lovers of nature should avoid the Vegas strip immediately; head nearby to the Grand Canyon or experience the desert. The only nature you can expect to find in the Vegas strip or city is the occasional cactus and the poor-suffering flamingos living in the artificial world of the Flamingo Hotel. But nature is not what you come to Vegas to experience.

What’s exciting

The place is abuzz from about midday on. People were coming home as I headed out for an early jog but by midday Vegas was ready to go again. This is party central and there are thousands of school leavers, hens and bucks parties and clubbers in town.

You can catch plenty of great acts on the Vegas strip. Everything from our very own Human Nature, Brittany, David Copperfield and Donny and Marie Osmond (yes, really).

Shopping prevails with resident DJs spinning up a beat and fashion parades happening all day.

You can spend a day seeing the free shows and sights like the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel which combines music, water and light to create a spectacular watery performance. Or stare up at the skies and ‘gods’ in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace – the sky blue ceiling, complete with clouds, dims and glows as it moves through the cycles from dawn to dusk. It feels like a street in Rome.

The restaurants were the best we found in our USA stay – whether they attract the best chefs or cater for tourists, they were superb.

Try Massiano’s Little Italy and Lao Sze Chuan at the Palms – chef Tony Hu is a genius and the service is exceptional.

Good accommodation – plenty of choices for all budgets. We stayed at the Trump International which was fantastic and did not have a casino in the foyer – even better!

Great museum – The Mob Museum is superb. The Yanks know how to do a museum.

What’s not so good

It is all concrete and noise. Wall-to-wall concrete and even at six a.m., music blasts from nearly every venue.

Gambling – if you love it, then you can move it up to the exciting list, but there’s no end to the poker machines, dark rooms and gamblers.

Artificial stimuli – all your entertainment is artificial or provided stimulus.

The city – very ugly and no reason to go there unless you need a marriage venue. And yes readers, I did marry him but thanks to Pastor Roy, not Elvis.

Go or don’t go

It may not sound like it, but I’m really glad I went to Vegas. If you only want to experience what you know or like, you may as well stay at home. But it’s ticked off the bucket list now — phew, no need to go back.