Helen Goltz put the hard word on Snowscene’s Emily Warbrick to get some tips before we all hit the ski slopes this season…

Q: Snowscene is a family business that has been operating for 30 years, so it is safe to say you’ve seen a few ski seasons! What are you predicting for this year?

A: They are all a bit different but this year we have had early snowfalls in Australia and New Zealand resorts. Perisher started snowmaking in early May which is great; it means they have created the base for the natural snowfall when it comes.

Q: What tips would you give a beginner?

A: We’ve got that covered as often people don’t know why they need certain clothes or items.


• Layers are the key because the weather can be unpredictable. If your feet and head are warm you can maintain body temperature
• Merino wool socks are best
• Good gloves – beginners touch the snow a lot
• Protect your eyes with decent eyewear
• Neck warmers are great – try merino wool or bamboo for breathability
• Head protection for the kids is a must


• Have lessons. Learning the right techniques will help to avoid injury
• Warm up before you hit the slopes
• Have a long lunch break and recharge before hitting the slopes in the afternoon

Q. What’s exciting about skiing Perisher?

A: It is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere and is suitable for all levels. It also has the best snowmaking facilities.

Q: Is skiing and snowboarding a sport you can pick up relatively quickly?

A: Yes, with lessons and a bit of determination.

Q: Any there any other snow ‘trends’?

A: Snow biking – that’s riding a bike with skis on it; tobogganing and snow tubing is great for anyone who wants a snow experience; snow shoeing allows you to plough through the snow. It can be very serene in nature and good exercise.

Q: Snowscene’s specialists have skied at over 60 resorts worldwide. Where is your favourite?

A: Perisher of course, and Sun Peaks in Canada (British Columbia) is very magical at Christmas.

Q: When did you first ski?

A: I was aged 12. Dad owned Snowscene and in those days 20 to 30 buses would head to the snow every week. I was on one!

Q: Tell us about the new Snowscene shop!

A: It’s very exciting – a snow concept store. It has snow accessories, clothing, footwear, helmets and everything you need or that is more economical to buy than hire, plus free parking on site.

Q: What can we do to get ski-ready?

A: Keep up your leg strength at the gym as you get a lot of leg burn when skiing. Strong quads are essential, squats and lunges are handy. Water skiing is good to maintain a sense of balance.

Visit the new Snowscene shop from Saturday 14 June at 743 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba (next to the Chalk Hotel).

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