With the Australian ski season just around the corner, we get some slope tips from Japan’s Club Med Sahoro ski school director Robel Teklemariam.

Robel’s top tips for preparing for a ski holiday:

1. Stretch

Two weeks before going on your ski holiday you should start doing regular stretches at the gym or at home to avoid muscle soreness. Try doing squats to work your leg muscles and core, as well as improving your balance and strength. Running and hill walking is also important to increase cardio fitness. These exercises will ensure that you’re ready for your first day on the slopes.

2. Pack

When packing for a ski holiday it’s important to remember to bring lots of warm layers. Make sure you pack comfortable clothing that you’re able to wear all day under your ski pants and jacket. Don’t forget to pack gloves, scarves and beanies as well to make sure you keep your extremities warm while enjoying a day on the slopes.

3. Learn

If you’re heading overseas, even though English is the main language spoken at most resorts it’s useful to learn some basic words or phrases in the local language. These will be especially handy when visiting places outside of your resort.

4. Research

Before you leave for your holiday, make sure you do some research about the area you are staying and the typical weather conditions during your stay. This way you can make sure you pack all the appropriate ski gear and clothing to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday.

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