After a weekend in Belongil amongst laid-back people and dogs, it is hard to return…

Ah Belongil…where have you been all my life? I’m almost hesitant to write this for fear my newly-found piece of paradise will be invaded (although I suspect it has been discovered for sometime) but I left my heart in Belongil.

When we arrived uptight and on city time, we raced around unpacking, looking for wine and the nearest cafe for coffee. By day two, I’m suggesting my partner, Chris, grows his hair long and we stay here forever.

This part of Byron Bay is so laid back and welcoming – there’s Kombi vans, hippy folk, a beach that is pristine and a little village featuring the Treehouse on Belongil Restaurant and Bar that is licensed, makes great coffee, has live music and plenty of outside tables so dogs are welcome too.

It is so relaxing to walk along the beach with your dog off the lead, happily meeting other dogs and no one is territorial – people or animals. There’s nothing like a dip in the ocean, feeling the salt on your skin and then sitting under the trees to watch the tide and passers-by.

We drove through Byron the township, revisited the lighthouse and continued on down the coast enjoying the Hinterland views. We could have been more active, there was plenty to do – diving, adventure tours, markets, kayaking, restaurants to try… but we were happy just to stop for a while and swim, walk and breathe.

We were spoilt staying at the pet-friendly Jetty House with its enormous living area, front and back decks, views of Belongil Creek and in walking distance to the beach, seriously – one street from the beach or 100 meters up the road.

The outdoor shower was great when returning from the beach salty and sandy. I looked up and was delighted by the blue sky above and the branches of a laden frangipani tree…bliss.

I really left my heart in Belongil. Go, go now, you’ll thank me for it.

By Atlas
I took my persons to Belongil, Byron Bay for the weekend. We drove down from Brisbane, ears flapping in the breeze, anticipating the smell of salt air and the sand between our paws.

In no time at all we arrived in Belongil. I sussed out who had been there before and left my business card. Then to the dog-friendly beach to meet the local pack. It was great not to have to drag the person around by the lead for a change… you know, too slow, too fast, wants to move on when you haven’t finished sniffing.

I shared the water in the communal bowl at the Treehouse Cafe and met Harry (Blue Heeler) and Sam (Daschund); tried a bit of the person’s muffin and had a nap, conserving my strength for the dusk beach walk. It was great to be in a place that appreciates that dogs rule, OK?

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