It’s time to embrace the surf and sand, with the QT Stay and Surf experience on the Gold Coast, writes Laura Brodnik

Like most people I considered surfing to be a sport completely out of my reach, until I had the chance to try out the QT Stay and Surf experience.

When I picture the Gold Coast the first thing that comes to mind are gnarly surfers majestically riding the waves like a race of Ripcurl wearing demigods.

Unfortunately, when I try to transplant myself into that scenario the reality becomes a little more dire and I know I’m more likely to be strangled by the leg rope than give Stephanie Gilmore a run for her money.

The QT Stay and Surf experience is a holiday package that allows you to learn how to hang ten while also lapping up the luxury of one of the Gold Coasts top resorts.

The weekend starts when I arrive at the QT Gold Coast and fall instantly in love with the funky retro décor. The ocean view room I am lead to is equally as snazzy, I can hear waves crashing outside my window and the bed is so comfortable I’m convinced it’s been carved out of a cloud, leaving some poor Care Bears homeless.

It’s when a plate of macaroons with a welcome note is delivered to the door that I decide I could defiantly get used to this.

There are a wealth of tasty food outlets surrounding the QT, but by far the best fare can be found within its very own doors. Their restaurant Bazaar is what I image heaven looks like; a never-ending deluxe buffet that houses an international array of tasty treats.

After enjoying  both dinner and breakfast there I can safely say that nearly every food under the sun is on offer, but nothing is labelled so restaurant goers can ask the readily available chefs for background on each dish.

The sun was shining on Saturday morning when Sam from Go Ride A Wave Surf School picked me up from the hotel for my lesson. While the school is located in walking distance from the QT, the pickup is a fuss free way to start the experience.

Go Ride A Wave is one of the most established surfing schools on the Gold Coast, having stared in 1987, and when I start peppering the instructors with questions on arrival they easily put my fears to rest.

After donning a red safety wet shirt it’s time to head down to the beach but before I can make my way into the water the instructor puts me through my paces on the sand, making sure I’ve got the basic moves down before we attempt to brave the waves.

Once in the water the two hour lesson fly’s by in a heartbeat as my instructor Stewart helps me catch wave after wave as I push myself up onto my knees and attempt to stand. He also very graciously does not laugh at the unflattering way I clamber onto the board and try to keep myself afloat.

Despite my goofiness I’m blown away at how quickly I grasp the basics of this previously unattainable sport. A sport I discovered can be mastered by people of varying ages and skill levels. As displayed by the kids I jealously watch whizz by me on their boards and by Sam’s story about a blind man who recently booked in for a lesson and fearlessly took to water.

So if you want an unforgettable summer experience it’s worth checking into the QT Gold Coast for a taste of glitz and comfort and put your skills to the test with the Go Ride A Wave Surf School.

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