Qantas has unveiled a new loyalty program for small and medium sized businesses, just days after the airline angered passengers with changes to its frequent flyer offering.

The airline’s new awards program – called Acquire – will allow businesses to earn points by booking flights through Qantas or spending money with the new program’s partners, which include Westpac and Avis.

Previously, frequent flyer points earned on business flights have gone to the passenger, rather than the company making the booking or its owner.

Under the new scheme, both the business and the passenger will earn points, which can then be used to book hotels or other flights.

The move follows the overhaul of the airline’s frequent flyer program, announced on Friday, which will see passengers earn points based on how much they spend rather than how far they fly.

Under the changes, Qantas will also cut its minimum points guarantee for members flying on economy and discount economy fares from 1,000 to 800, which applies to short-haul routes like Sydney to Melbourne.

The changes have drawn the ire of some frequent flyers.