Valentine’s Day marks two years since Brisbane Greeters started showing visitors around Brisbane.

More than 130 Brisbane Greeters are spreading their love of Brisbane through free guided tours of the city.

Brisbane Greeters was set up two years ago as an ambassador service that welcomes and connects visitors, locals and new residents to Brisbane. They now have volunteers ranging in age from their early 20s to 71 years-old and across varied occupations.

There are current and retired accountants, nurses, journalists, teachers, builders, beauty therapists and dentists that willingly share their love of Brisbane to others for free.

Pharmacist Nanette Cawcutt is one of the proud ambassadors of Brisbane Greeters and is celebrating her one year anniversary with Brisbane Greeters this week.

Cawcutt says she’s very proud of Brisbane and loves meeting new people with whom she can share our great city.

“It’s terrific, I absolutely love it! It’s a thousand times better than what I thought it would be like,” she says.

Cawcutt says the public art we have in Brisbane is phenomenal and there is public art everywhere for everyone to enjoy if they know where to look.

I like to take people from King George Square up to the courts and Kulripa Bridge and then towards QUT… there is art everywhere to be seen.

She says she’s also very proud of our gardens, noting the City Botanical Gardens and Roma Street Parkland as destinations where she likes to take people.

“We really do have some hidden gems around Brisbane and I love it when I see I’ve really lit up someone’s face and day,” she says.

Cawcutt explains it’s not only international travellers that take advantage of the Brisbane Greeters’ service, it’s locals and interstate visitors too.

“Whether it’s backpackers or fancy hotel stayers, people are generally looking for interesting things to see and do and to see a place through the eyes of a local.

“Being that ‘local’ is terrific fun, you meet lots of different people and get to show off the city,” she says.

The Brisbane Greeters tours take between two to four hours and are kept at an intimate group size of a maximum of six people.

There are two different tour options:

Greeters Choice– which meets at King George Square at 10am most days.

Your Choice– You can suggest certain places or precincts you’d like to visit and Brisbane Greeters create the tour details and contacts you to organise a time and place to meet.

People with mobility issues or specific dietary requirements are also catered for, with Brisbane Greeters asking for pre-bookings to be made for all tours three days prior on their website.

Do you love Brisbane and want to share that love with others? If you’re a friendly and enthusiastic person you can complete a volunteer request form on their website.