A small and relatively unknown island in Moreton Bay, Coochiemudlo has a lot to offer visitors – whether staying just for the day or a little longer.

I can still vividly remember our family trip to Coochiemudlo (Coochie as it’s known by locals) when I was young – playing in the shallow waters, climbing through trees and using the red ochre to add warpaint to our faces and bodies, we had a blast on this peaceful little island in the waters of Moreton Bay.

About a kilometre off the coast and 40 kilometres south east of Brisbane, you can get to Coochie by driving (or catching the train) to Victoria Point, where you will board a ferry or barge from Masters Avenue.

Settled by Matthew Flinders on 19 July 1799, locals celebrate this anniversary each year (called Flinders Day) with a period costume re-enactment of the landing and a craft market held on Norfolk Beach.

The name derives from the indigenous kutschi-mudlo, meaning “red rock” in the Jandai language, and since you can see the island’s prominent crimson rock faces on the south western corner of the island even from the mainland, this makes sense!

Previously a banana plantation and World War II training ground, the island is now home to around 700 people and has a nine-hole golf course. With lots of sandy beaches and calm waters, the sea around Coochiemudlo is an aquatic playground, perfect for windsurfing, sailing and paddle boats – keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, dugongs and turtles!

So pack up a picnic and take the family to one of Moreton Bay’s hidden gems, or relax over lunch at the Coochie Island Beach Resort restaurant – you might make some precious memories of your own.

Have you been to Coochiemudlo Island? Let us know your stories!