On a trip to the beach the regular things like towel, sunscreen and sunglasses are easy to remember – but there’s a few more things to think about before heading off for the waves.

1. Water

Not only will you get thirsty (and dehydrated) playing in the sun all day, but bringing an extra bottle of water to keep in the car for washing sandy feet before leaving can save a lot of time and hassle vacuuming later!

2. Sweet tunes

Bringing along a radio or mp3 speakers can add a fun, festive atmosphere to your beach trip, as well as help block out anyone noisy you’re sharing the beach with! Remember to be considerate of those nearby or be at risk of becoming the obnoxiously noisy though…

3. First aid kit

From sharp oyster beds to jellyfish stings, there’s all manner of unexpected hurts at the beach. Bringing along a first aid kit can help keep things clean and healthy – pop in a bottle of aloe vera to help soothe nasty sunburn too!

4. Whistle

It can be hard to be heard over crashing waves and other beach-goers, so circumvent crowd troubles and bring a whistle to help signal to your kids. Teach them the family whistle and they’ll know to respond as soon as they hear it.

5. Hand sanitiser

Having a picnic lunch at the beach? Or maybe heading up to a local cafe? Whatever your plan, pack a bottle of hand sanitiser to keep the family clean and hygienic – who knows what the kids have grabbed in those rock pools!

What’s your essential beach day items? Let us know what you can’t head to the beach without!