Stradbroke Island is one of the best land-based whale watching destinations that Queensland has to offer.

And now is the perfect time to see these amazing creatures.

During the winter season Stradbroke Island’s waters are bustling with activity. There are thousands of humpback whales migrating north to breed in the warmer waters. There are also dolphins, turtles and manta rays easily seen from many look-out points of this great destination.

Point Lookout, Stradbroke Island is a prime viewpoint for the humpback whale migration season as 85 per cent of the gentle giants can be witnessed from land without having to board a boat.

According to Allure Stradbroke Resort, these are some of the great locations to spot these majestic creatures.

North Gorge Walk

Take a stroll along the iconic North Gorge Walk. This will take you to the second most eastern point of Australia and you will have unrestricted views of the gentle giants as they pass close to the headlands.

Whale Rock Lookout

Located on the North Gorge Walk, Whale Rock Lookout is a place where you can enjoy the raw beauty of nature and a great place to see the whales pass by.

Frenchman’s Bay Lookout

Frenchman’s Bay Lookout has a picnic table and small space of grassland looking over beautiful Frenchman’s Bay. This lookout is located on East Coast Road across from the well-known Gelati Shop in Point Lookout. So why not enjoy a gelati or hot coffee as you watch the whales go by?

Whale Walk from Deadman’s Beach to Frenchman’s Beach

This walk has an elevated timber platform and stunning viewpoints along the natural bushwalk track, providing perfect spots to see the whales in their natural habitat.

Joining in on the migration celebration, Allure Stradbroke Resort has an incredible ‘Whales, Whales, Whales’ Package on offer at the moment for the whole family to enjoy.

Located on the beachfront of Home Beach, Point Lookout and surrounded by stunning native bushland, Allure Stradbroke Resort is a haven of relaxation and a great place to get away from every day hustle and bustle.

At Allure, you can be calmed into a gentle sleep with the sound of rolling waves and wake up to the sweet singing of kookaburras.

As part of their Whales, Whales, Whales package, you will enjoy:

  • Three nights’ accommodation
  • A complimentary late checkout
  • Return vehicle transfer
  • A small ‘Whales Activity Pack’ for the kids to enjoy

Now everyone can enjoy the majestic natural occurrence of the humpback whale migration season.

Packages start from just $500 in a One-Bedroom Beach Shack, $600 in a Two-Bedroom Villa, $700 for a Three-Bedroom Villa or $800 for a Four-Bedroom Villa. Offer only valid until 31 August 2015.

So make your migration this winter to Stradbroke Island and watch the gentle giants play in the sea.

Visit or call (07) 3415 0000.

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