Each day creates high excitement on board Eye-Spy and this week an energetic whale calf made its debut appearance in Moreton Bay.

The young performer was only two to three days old and already learning how to breach in spectacular style while his mother and his aunt maintained a watchful eye.

It’s a treat so early in the season to see the baby whales, who are born at over one and a half tonnes in weight, are approximately four to five meters in length, and who will drink up to 600 litres of milk a day.

Our bay is fast becoming one of the preferred birthing areas for the humpbacks as the warm shallow waters provide a perfect place for them to bond rest and play.

Kerry Lopez is the captain of the Eye Spy, a Moreton Bay whale watching vessel, and the owner of Brisbane Whale Watching. She’ll be writing weekly whale watching reports for bmag throughout the season. For more on Kerry, read our Brisbane Extra feature, ‘The Whale Whisperer’. To book your own whale watching experience, visit brisbanewhalewatching.com.au!

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