Community creator Dan Harmon will write a TV show from scratch that will almost certainly spawn six seasons and a movie.

The Sydney Opera House will host Bingefest, an epic 24-hour festival dedicated to bingeing on pop culture.

The venue’s first new festival in five years will run overnight, and include a live Harmontown podcast with Community creator Dan Harmon, who will write a TV show from scratch in front of a live audience.

The decidedly quirky festival will also feature performance artist (and occasional actor) Shia LeBeouf, alongside frequent collaborators Nastja Säde Rönkkön and Luke Turner. The trio are best known for their Take Me Anywhere stunt, in which they posted their coordinates online and waited for someone to find them and take them for a ride, and they’re expected to have something equally attention-grabbing in mind for Bingefest.

Serial producer Julie Snyder will host a session on binge-worthy journalism; the editorial staff of The AV Club will lead a discussion on all the TV shows you should have watched by now; and professional dancer Amrita Hepi will hold two Rihanna and Beyoncé dance classes.

There’ll be a Buffy marathon, and a 24-hour Street Fighter session that you’ll be able to drop in and out of all night long.

There’ll also be a memorial service for Harambe, the dearly departed gorilla who has become an internet sensation since his tragic death, and even Australia’s first Internet Cat Video Festival, co-presented with the RSPCA.

Bingefest will be held at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday 17 December and Sunday 18 December. For more information and tickets, visit