There are few things better than being on holidays.

You can sprawl out on a white-sandy beach, soaking in the beautiful weather and sipping beverages out of hollowed-out fruit without a care in the world. You’re relaxed, well-rested and feeling on top of the world.

Next thing you know you’re dragging your luggage through Brisbane airport, queued up behind a gaggle of slow-moving tourists, battling a bad case of jet-lag. Being ripped from your tropical island holiday and thrust back into normal life can be pretty rough and, quite often, bring with it a bad case of the post-holiday blues.

You know, that horrible feeling when you’re sitting back in your halogen-lit office, slowly scrolling through 5,000 emails, sulking and trying to drown your sorrows in a cappuccino. The post-holiday blues are a real thing and they have the potential to completely harsh your island-dwelling mellow and see you curled up next to the photocopier in a puddle of tears.

The good news is, with a little help and guidance, you can survive this difficult time. A good tip is to always have your next trip lined up — that way you already have something you’re looking forward to before you even get back. Instead of coming home and not knowing when your next chance to fall asleep in a hammock by the sea will be, you know that you’re only 12 weeks away from total relaxation and fruity cocktails.

Making plans to see your friends and family can also be a good way to snap you out of your funk. Rather than settling in on the couch with a bag of chips for an all-week DVD marathon, try to keep your holiday spark alive. Find some fun activities to get you outdoors and active, which will get those endorphins pumping and make you feel as good as you did while you were away.

Travel always finds a way to give people great perspective as it takes you away from your regular comforts and distractions. If you had a great revelation while you were snorkelling through crystal-blue waters off the coast of Thailand, run with it! Sign up for those art classes you’ve always wanted to take, start reading that biography you’ve been putting off or start moving towards the dream career you’ve always wanted.

Nothing makes you appreciate your home quite like being away for a while, so while you’re still in tourist mode try seeing your local area how a tourist would. It’s a great chance to go to places you wouldn’t normally visit and fall in love with Brisbane all over again. Sure, it doesn’t quite have the same history as Rome, but it does have its own history which is pretty cool when you take the time to notice and appreciate it.

Lastly, try treating yourself with the same care you did while you were away. This means sleeping in when you feel like it, taking time to lay on the grass and read a book and allowing yourself to relax and de-stress often. Before you know it, every day may feel like a mini-holiday.