Australians have spoken, and this is what annoys them most about holidays. Do you agree?

When it comes to what really annoys us on holidays, tipping troubles and rude locals don’t push Australian travellers’ buttons quite as much as unpacking and doing the laundry when we get home.

That’s the finding from the How Are You Travelling? survey by online travel destination, which surveyed more than 6,900 Australians. spokesperson Kirsty La Bruniy said coming back from holidays to domestic chores was an annoying reality check, with more than one in four travellers revealing that emptying the suitcase and doing the laundry was their top travel gripe.

“Often the most annoying part of going on a holiday isn’t the delays and travel mishaps you may encounter along the way, but returning and spending the day unpacking and doing loads of washing,” Ms La Bruniy said. “Doing the laundry was higher on the travel annoyance radar than having to tip (12.8 per cent), rude locals (10.9 per cent), paying to use toilets (10.5 per cent) and language barriers (5.2 per cent).

“When I’m on holidays things don’t get to me anywhere near as much as when I’m at home, and this seems to be true for a lot of Australian travellers, with 21.8 per cent of people saying nothing annoys them while travelling.”

Ms La Bruniy said returning travellers could use a few coming home tactics to combat the post-holiday blues and help make getting back into the daily grind more bearable.

“When I get back I’m always thinking about what’s next, so a good tip is to book a weekend away before you leave for your holiday so you have something to look forward to when you return,” she said.

“To make the holiday feeling last longer I also try and cook some of my favourite holiday dishes and also change the wines I drink to the selection I discovered on my adventures.

“And if you really want to avoid getting into a spin with the post-holiday laundry, it can pay to take advantage of the hotel’s laundry service before you return.”

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