Lonely Planet has named this overlooked Aussie destination as one of the world’s top ten regions to visit next year.

We don’t always give Tasmania the accolades it deserves, but now travel bible Lonely Planet have reminded us that one of the world’s most beautiful places is right in our own backyard.

Lonely Planet has named Tasmania as one of the world’s top ten regions to visit in 2015, beating out a slew of other more recognizable Australian destinations that appear to have alreday had their day in the sun.

In its summary, Lonely Planet had this to say about our island friend: “Tasmania was home to some of the first convict ships to land in Australia, and the haunting tales of those arrivals permeate the state.. The island state already contains a lifetime’s worth of adventures but in 2015 the second stretch of the Three Capes Track will open. The second stage of Tasmania’s coastal bushwalking experience will link Denmans Cove, opposite Port Arthur, with Cape Hauy, via 35km of redeveloped walking track taking in the stunning sea cliffs of Tasman National Park.”

The glorious island region is listed fourth on the list behind the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, Rocky Mountain National Park in the US and the Toledo district in Belize. Northern Norway follows Tasmania, then Khumbu in Nepal at six, Mexico’s Copper Canyon seventh, and Flores in Indonesia at eight. Chile’s Atacama Desert and Macau in China finish off the top ten list.

So, what’s so special about Tasmania you may ask? Well, it’s home to Australia’s oldest live theatre venue, the Theatre Royal, which is located in Hobart. Tasmania also has the cleanest air in the world, measured at Cape Grim on the north-west coast. The longest single-span chairlift in the world is across Launceston’s Cataract Gorge and it’s home to the world’’s smallest marsupial, the pygmy possum. What more could you want in a holiday destination?

Tasmania may be the smallest state of the Commonwealth of Australia, but in 2015 it looks set to be the most popular.

Have you ever been to Tasmania? Would you consider planning a trip?