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These are the places you need to visit on your next trip to Melbourne.

Centre Place

Centre Place is a breeding ground for cafes — some so small you can barely stretch to stir your coffee.

Ask for the delicious soup of the day at pocket sized Jungle Juice Bar, squat on the box seats and enjoy noodles at Yen or retreat upstairs to dimly lit Hell’s Kitchen and look down on the passing throng. This area is also a must see for for those interested in street art.

Degraves Street

Make sure you hit up Degraves Espresso, for a quintessentially Melbourne cafe experience. Despite the Parisian vibe cast by the café umbrellas in the shadow of the impressive Majorca House, the dining on Degraves veers towards the Italian, with Il Tempo and Andiamo feeding many. You can also savour the sugar at Little Cupcakes.

Crossley Street


Melbourne’s laneways are ripe for exploration.

There’s great comfort to be had in knowing places like Crossley Steet still exist, with the venerable Pellegrini’s standing guard over long-term tenants and rotating newcomers plying everything from bespoke shirts to vintage curios.

Orientate yourself over an espresso from Pellegrini’s with a watermelon granita chaser. If you can see Paperback Books opposite, you’re in the right place. A rare treat for shoppers is that both sexes are catered for on Crossley Street. Fancy fellas can collar Charles Edward, Master Shirtmaker or C. Maimone Tailor for some tailored threads, and get a no-nonsense short back n’ sides from Windsor Hair Salon.  Ladies can look the part with designer dresses from Blonde Venus and drool over display jewels at Gallery Funaki.

Dive into De Mille and lose yourself among Art Deco lamps, antique toys, ’60s figurines, marcasite and bakelite.

Curtin House & Nicholas Building

When you’ve exhausted the drinking dens, subterranean restaurants and witty street art of Melbourne’s laneways, what else is there to do but go up? The city’s Curtin House and Nicholas Building have been characterised as vertical laneways, boasting the requisite boutiques, bars and eateries, but both adding distinctly quirky stamps to the scene.

Nicholas Building is where you go for the perfect fit. The veteran lifts in the Nicholas Building will take you back in time, and deliver you to floor after floor of studios, galleries and curiosities. Find craftspeople making the finest made-to-measure shoes, couture, hats and jewellery. Dig around for collectable buttons, and stumble upon breathtaking kimonos. Check out the surprises in store at Blindside artist-run gallery.

You won’t always have access to the busy studios within the Nicholas Building, but schedule in a visit during the regular Open Studio days and plant your peepers on all the tools of the trades.

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