It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Guide Dogs Queensland are putting the call out for volunteers for their Puppy Raising Program.

They need your help to transform adorable puppies into little heroes, by housing, caring for and training a Guide Dog puppy until they are 18 months old.

The charity’s most recent litter of puppies have just begun their training at eight weeks old, and volunteer Puppy Raisers like Rebecca Johns are already bonding with the lovable doggos.

“‘Fred’ is part of the famiuly already, he’s like another child,” Rebecca says.

“He was quiet for the first day or two but after that he settled right in. He comes everywhere with me because it’s important that he becomes used to being in different environments.

“He goes to school, swimming practice, dance practice, work — he’s getting a lot of socialising!”

To become a Puppy Raiser, you must be a Brisbane resident, and you must be able to commute to Bald Hills regularly for pet visits and training sessions with puppy educators.

“Our puppy educators Nicci and Mary are so incredible,” Rebecca says.

“They make the whole experience fun and while it is a lot of hard work, they give us great tips and tricks for training and living with a puppy.

“It’s so important to give back to the community and especially through a charity like Guide Dogs. They rely on the community for funding and I think they are a really respected and trustworthy charity.”

Guide dogs

Nicci Cahill from Guide Dogs Queensland says that volunteer Puppy Raisers play an integral role in the lives of the Guide Dogs they raise.

“While our puppies are incredibly cute, they require members from the local community to welcome them into their homes and hearts,” she says.

“At this stage the ‘F’ litter are learning to socialise with people and other dogs, as well as learning to bond with their carer and becoming familiar with different environments.

“Being a Puppy Raiser certainly requires a lot of dedication but our staff here at Guide Dogs are here to help every step of the way. We need people to care for our pups and help them on the journey to become Guide Dogs.”

For more info about becoming a Puppy Raiser, visit