Japanese company Samurai Age has filled a gap in the market we didn’t even know existed.

Before today, it never would have occurred to us to dress our pets up in samurai armour — but now that it’s here, we’re not sure how we lived so long without it.

Not only does the armour look cool, it’s actually kind of educational.

For example, the red armour worn by this noble Shibu Inu is actually based on armour worn by Sanada Yukimura, a Japanese samurai warrior of the Sengoku period revered for leading the defending side during the Siege of Osaka.

Samurai Age

Depending on the size of your furry feudal warrior, the armour costs between 14,040 yen (AU$125.60) and 16,416 yen (AU$199.50).

Samurai Age

For more info, fire up Google Translate and visit samurai-age.jp, or hit them up on Facebook (where the company is responding to comments in English) at facebook.com/samuraiage.