A canine-friendly festival with food trucks, live music, dog competitions and demonstrations is coming to the Redlands.

The dog-friendly event, an initiative of Redland City Council and Social Marketing @ Griffith, will be held at Capalaba Regional Park.

“Free puppicinos, temporary tattos, dog tea and more will also be on offer,” says Social Marketing @ Griffith director Sharyn Rundle-Thiele.

The fun event actually has a serious purpose — encouraging dog training.

‘Leave It’, a pilot dog training program, will launch at DogFest.

“This is an exciting initiative that uses innovative techniques supported by science to train dogs to follow commands,” Redland City Mayor Karen Williams says.

“The program has shown that dogs that are trained to ‘leave it’ are more likely to live in harmony with native Australian animals, including our local koala population, which we know is vulnerable to dog attacks.

“Social Marketing @ Griffith was awarded a contract by Council to develop and implement a pilot behaviour change strategy, to complement our revised 39 point Koala Conservation Action Plan adopted last December. We are delighted to see this come to fruition.”

A 2017 Griffith University survey of Redland dog owners found that 57 per cent of dogs dig holes, 32 per cent have chewed furniture, and 9 per cent have killed wildlife.

The survey also showed that just 38 per cent of dogs come back when called on a consistent basis.

“We surveyed people to understand more about dogs and we investigated a range of ways we might be able to help working with Redland dog owners to design the Leave It program,” Professor Rundle-Thiele says.

Beginning in June, the Leave It program will offer a variety of training sessions for dogs of all ages and abilities.

DogFest will be held at Capalaba Regional Park (Pittwin Road North, Capalaba) on Sunday 4 June from 10am to 3pm. For more info, visit leaveit.com.au.