A surprising new report has revealed that Queenslanders would save their wallets, purses, handbags, phones and tablet devices from their burning home before they would save their pets.

RACQ’s executive manager for insurance communications Mike Sopinski says the research reveals the personal items householders would reach for in the event of a house fire.

“Our research shows firstly people will save wallets, purses and handbags,” he says.

“This falls well ahead of their pets, which ranks third on our list.”

Pets even ranked behind iPhones, a result that doesn’t surprise Mr Sopinski.

“In the digital world we’re living in, it’s not surprising to see our reliance on smart phones and tablets has them rated as the second most important item to grab in a fire,” he says.

The research has been released by RACQ to coincide with the start of winter, a high-risk period for home fires.

“Now is the time to do a quick home fire safety audit by checking you have working smoke alarms and at least the basics to fight a fire in the house — an extinguisher and a fire blanket.”

The personal items Queenslanders are most likely to save in a home fire, according to RACQ

  1. Wallet / Purse / Handbag (36.4%)
  2. iPhone / Mobile / Tablet (30.2%)
  3. Pets (27.8%)
  4. Driver licence (26.6%)
  5. Passport (24.1%)
  6. Cash (23.4%)
  7. Photos (family, wedding etc) (22.5%)
  8. Laptop (21.8%)
  9. Computer back-up drive (14.4%)
  10. Jewellery (12.2%)
  11. Certificate (10%)
  12. Glasses (9.7%)
  13. Clothing (5.7%)
  14. University degree (5.1%)
  15. Stamps, comics, records (2.7%)
  16. Letters (2.4%)
  17. Shoes (2.3%)
  18. Artwork (Painting, statues) (2.2%)
  19. Childhood toy (2.1%)
  20. Sporting memorabilia (0.9%)

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