He’s Ballarat Wildlife Park’s resident bachelor — of the marsupial kind. And now he’s on Tinder.

It seems finding love in the animal kingdom is sometimes just as hard as finding love as a human. Patrick — the oldest common wombat in captivity — is turning 30 this weekend and is yet to find love.

Park owner Julia Leonard told ABC that male wombats need to be fairly aggressive toward the female, “and Patrick just isn’t a very aggressive wombat.”

But fear not, animal lovers, the kind hearted wildlife officers have created a Facebook page for Patrick to try and get him some more attention, and his page has now got over 30,000 followers.

As well as being a sensitive animal, Patrick has also well and truly exceeded the normal lifespan of a wombat which usually only live to around 20 years in captivity and a lot less in the wild.

Alas, Facebook likes don’t get you dates — so the helpful officers have also signed the 40kg cutie up to Tinder in a bid to find any potential “Tinderellas”.


Let’s hope the Tinder odds for marsupials are a bit better than us humans — best of luck, Patrick!