Winter is here and it’s up to you to make sure your furry friend isn’t freezing from the cold.

Last week proved that winter has officially set in and the RSPCA wants to remind everyone to keep their pets warm this cold season.

Older pets, in particular, feel the cold in their bones. It can make their bones feel stiff and sore, making it difficult for them to get up and move around.

A warm coat and warm bedding can counteract the affects of the cold weather and ensure that your pet is fit and healthy this winter.

Coats can be purchased from pet stores as well as from RSPCA’s World for Pets stores.

If you can’t get your hands on a coat from a pet store you could try a cosy old shirt. Old shirts will be really comforting to your beloved fur-babies because not only will they be nice and warm, they’ll be able to carry your familiar scent around with them wherever they go.

Hot water bottles wrapped in towels are another great idea for keeping your pet warm, that is, if they’re well-behaved and won’t destroy it the second you leave the room!

There are also special heating pads which can be purchased from pet stores to keep your four-legged friend toasty warm.

Many people say that winter is the best time of year in Queensland. They’re probably right. Just don’t forget that your pet can’t pop down to the local Target for a new sweater.

Keeping him or her warm is your responsibility!