Let’s be clear — there’s nothing funny about motor vehicle theft. But let’s also be honest — there is absolutely something funny about it when the thief is a koala.

In what might just be the most ‘Strayan thing ever to have happened, 15-year-old Sam Box found a furry carjacker behind the wheel of his family’s Land Rover when he got home from school.

As Sam told 9news.com.au, he sees koalas “a fair bit here” in the rural town of Maude in Victoria, “but never in the car”.

Sam did what any social-media savvy teen would do when faced with a wild animal in the driver’s seat of the family car — he whipped out his phone and took photos.

Eventually, Sam opened the door to the car. Rather than making a hasty escape, the brazen thief “just got out and walked away”.

This koala is, quite frankly, our new spirit animal.

Koala car

What do you mean I can’t drive? I’ve got all the necessary koalafications. Image: Sam Box / Nine News

Koala car

That new koala smell. Image: Sam Box / Nine News

We salute you, you strange little marsupial.

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