Share your RSPCA pet story for your chance to win a Fujifilm instant camera and help clear shelters this Christmas.

Have you owned an RSPCA pet? With more than 30,000 RSPCA animals adopted into Queensland homes and more homes needed, the RSPCA is asking you to share your RSCPA adopted pet story with the #myrspcapet hash tag or by going to – by sharing you could win one of ten Fujifilm instant cameras.

The RSPCA shelters are full so if you are looking for a furry companion, please choose one from the RSPCA. You might be tempted after reading Haggis and Dani’s story as submitted by Dani’s husband.

“My wife and I were looking at cats at the Wacol RSPCA; we came across this tabby cat who was doing his best to charm us.

“My wife said to him ‘give me three good reasons why we should take you home?’ He promptly turned around and showed us he had three legs! That was it! We were sold!”

Change your life with a new family addition from the RSPCA and share your story.