People love dressing up their pets for Halloween, and we’ve found some of the cutest outfits out there. Warning: Potentially dangerous levels of cuteness ahead!

This year, people in America will spend over $350 million on Halloween costumes for their pets. Dressing up their furry friends is not something they take lightly — this is serious! Seriously sweet (and sometimes a little scary).

Even though we don’t celebrate Halloween with quite the same zeal in Australia, a lot of us are still more inclined to pop our pet into an outfit than dress ourselves in character.

Of course, if you are going to dress your pet up for the occasion, make sure the costume doesn’t limit its movement and doesn’t overly distress the animal. Checking if the costume will limit hearing, sight, breathing, barking, eating or drinking is also very important!

We’ve found a selection of the most adorable, surprising and innovative pet costumes to share with you. Scroll through the gallery above to see them all! Be prepared, though — some are almost too cute to handle.

All images via Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

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