A new pet daycare in Brisbane is upping the ante with its philosophy of luxury treatments

A new luxury pet daycare has opened in Brisbane this week, with a focus on providing personalised service for time-poor pet owners.

Retreat Doggy Day Care in Bardon opened to a great reception by the Brisbane community, says owner Jenny Jamieson.

“The pet owners have been impressed and have loved having their pets come home exhausted and happy,” she says.

Jamieson believes the interest by Brisbane pet owners is due to how busy our lives are. She says it’s hard to fit everything into your day – family, work, having your own life – and walking your dog daily and giving it everything it needs to make it happy is crucial.

“Retreat Doggy Day Care means you can go about your day and know your dog is happy, loved and receiving all the necessities of life (exercise, companionship, socialisation),” she says.

The daycare caters for up to 15 dogs per day of all sizes, with two separate rooms for smaller and larger breeds.

She says there are plenty of activities for dogs at Retreat Doggy Day Care, with the favourite for many being the hose.

“I am training some of the dogs to use the agility equipment, like the jumping boards, weaving poles and a bridge walk.

“We also provide all the toys, such as ropes, balls, tug toys and more,” she adds.

Jamieson originally trialled a dog day care for her own dog Bruce five years ago after she experienced a notable change in lifestyle and work commitments when moving from New Zealand to Brisbane.

She says working in the city meant she was away from the house a lot and felt terrible about leaving him all day on his own.

“So when I discovered doggy day care, it was a godsend… He would come home tired and happy to have his dinner and sleep for the night, instead of looking at me like I wasn’t being a good mummy,” she says.

Have you considered doggy day care options for your dog?