Former fashion designer and retail manager Claudia Karba is bringing style into the world of pet beds.

After working extensively in the fashion industry, Claudia Karba decided to move on to create her own niche designs for pets.

The luxury pet design company Sasha & Me was born out of a great love of pets and a passion for providing unique pet products that could easily fit with home decor by speaking to fashionable pet owner’s individual style.

Karba launched the company two years ago after working extensively in the fashion industry for brands such as Oroton, Marchon Group, Oxford Shop and Herringbone, across operation, to design and buying and distribution.

These adaptable pet luxury designs aim to complement home interiors and focus on individuality and style.

Karba says Sasha is her little black toy poodle behind the whole brand (pictured above).

“She’s my little mascot and she gets to try out all of the beds,” she says.

She says the whole concept is based on the fact you can spend hours choosing items to fit the look and feel of your home and that you should be able to do the same for pets.

“You need something to compliment your home design. You need to feel proud about your pieces and not have to hide it away.

“I have known so many people that have admitted to hiding dog beds away when visitors come over because they’re not proud of the way they look in their house,” she says.

Karba says she decided to share the vision for cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing pet accessories after finding the options on the Australian market slim.

“The products are advocating sustainability, against a prevailing throwaway culture and as a fan of all things modern, Sasha & Me wanted to inject that into all their products.

“All products use recyclable and sustainable materials and have been received very well by people,” Karba says.

Karba says the Classico dog bed range and the cat Sogno Pods (pictured above) have been popular amongst Australian pet owners, with the deodorising mat also popular for those who want odour free pets and living spaces.

‘There’s never a dull moment, it goes on forever. I’ve really enjoyed it so far,” she says.

All Sasha & Me products can be purchased on its website: 

Would you purchase a designer bed for your pet? Do you hide your pets belongings when visitors are over?