There’s no denying that Aussies are animal-lovers. In total, we own 25 million pets, which is more than the population of Australia.

And with the summer holiday season now upon us, leaving a beloved furry friend behind can sometimes be a difficult prospect.

Luckily, a number of hotels around the country have begun opening their doors to guests of the pawed variety, allowing Fluffy and Spot to accompany their human families on a pet holiday.

Here are six of the best stays around Australia for people travelling with pets, as picked by

The Langham, Sydney NSW

This is the only accommodation in Sydney offering both pets and humans a luxury 5-star service. The unique, fully-catered Pampered Pets Program provides owners with a dedicated Pet Room Service Menu, featuring dishes made from fresh produce and free from onion, garlic and acids. There’s ‘Lassie’s Favourite,’ a beef steak with chunky vegetables for canine guests and ‘Meow Meow’ – grilled salmon with green beans, quail egg, tuna, potatoes and olives for feline visitors. Your pets may even eat better than you!

Pets are pampered with their very own custom-made Langham plush bed, food and water bowls and a bag of gourmet treats upon check-in. Pet-sitting and dog walking services are also available on request.

The Albany Motel, Melbourne VIC

This boutique motel’s stylish Standard Double room accommodates pets perfectly. Conveniently located on the ground floor, it’s a short run across to Fawkner Park where dogs are free to roam without a leash. The special pet-friendly room is also equipped with wooden floors – perfect for a quick clean up in case of accidents! The hotel also boasts on-site parking to make it easy to load and unload your furry friend.

Cooroy Country Cottages, Noosa QLD

These quaint country cottages welcome dogs inside (provided they’re accompanied by owners) and provide secure, enclosed areas with sun, shade and shelter to ensure pets can rest comfortably year-round. Pets can be safely contained on the cottage veranda or within the walled rear courtyard, which has an outdoor water faucet and hose to keep water bowls topped up and dogs clean and fresh. For extra peace of mind, a meshed kennel is available free-of-charge at the manager’s residence for hot days so you can ensure your pet’s water supply is monitored and refreshed. Guests are also provided with special pet towels to dry pets on wet days or after playing in the dams or lower creek.

Barrum River Retreat, Apollo Bay, VIC

This relaxing river retreat offers masters and pets a quiet place to escape, unwind and feel at home. Pets are made very welcome inside, with bedding, food and water bowls provided upon arrival. For outdoor-loving pets, the property offers a secure backyard where animals can safely roam and rest. The retreat website also offers dog lovers a list of nearby canine-friendly walking trails for daily excursions.

Gold Coast Holiday Park and Motel, QLD

This laid-back holiday park and motel offers dog-friendly cabins and sites for campervans, caravans, tents and trailers. Situated across 32 acres, there is plenty of room for animals to roam and socialise with other guests and pets. The casual, family-friendly stay also offers dog grooming and dog sitting on request. Guests will be greeted by Sammie, the resident Schnauzer, who is always keen to meet new playmates.

The Hughenden Boutique Hotel, Woollahra, Sydney NSW

Furry friends are made very welcome at The Hughenden, which has served as a temporary home for poodles, terriers, golden retrievers, Burmese and Siamese cats and even a baby kangaroo! The charming boutique hotel offers pet-sitting, dog-walking, and even a visit to the Doggy Day Spa. The property is conveniently situated just across the road from the sprawling Centennial Parklands, a favourite for dog-lovers with a number of special leash-free areas where your pup can run and play. The hotel also provides a number of areas where four-legged friends are welcome, and they can even join you for breakfast.

Where do you like to holiday with your dog? Let us know your favourite pet-friendly spots!