A pet’s guide to surviving Halloween.

Halloween is here again and as trick or treaters descend on Brisbane neighbourhoods screaming and laughing, wearing costumes and eating too many sweets, what can be done for pets during this holiday?

Here are some pet-friendly tips to keep your fury friend safe during the spooky season.

1. Don’t mess up with dress-ups

Halloween costumes for pets are gaining popularity in Brisbane. Make sure if you’re dressing your pet up for the occasion that the costume doesn’t limit its movement and it doesn’t overly distress the animal. Checking if the costume will limit hearing, sight, breathing, barking, eating or drinking, is also very important.

2. Spooky and strange noises

Depending on your neighbourhood, trick or treaters or parties might get quite loud and distressing for you pets. Just like thunderstorms or fireworks, loud unpredictable noises can startle animals, so keeping animals close by during the Halloween season can be beneficial for your pet and to you if you have some loud barking canines.

3. Treats

Everyone loves chocolate or treats and animals will try to get hold of them if they’re left lying around or are dropped around them. Candies containing some artificial sweeteners can cause animals to have a sudden drop in blood sugar, which can lead to a lack of coordination and seizures. Chocolate, especially baker’s and dark chocolate, can be potentially poisonous to animals, especially dogs. If your animal is vomiting, hyperactive, has increased thirst or urination, heart rhythm abnormalities, seizures or diarrhoea it could have ingested a significant amount of chocolate and may need veterinarian assistance.

Why not offer pet-friendly treats to your fury friends to join in on the fun!

4. Rubbish

If you’ve managed to keep all the sweets and chocolates away from your pets, be wary of rubbish floating around. Cats especially love to play with wrappers, be wary of vomiting as a sign of ingesting aluminium foil or cellophane.

5. Decorations

Using Jack-o-lanterns, or candles, whether in pumpkins or on their own need to be in sight or out of reach of pets, as they can easily be knocked over by animals and start fires. Also be wary of Halloween props, as animals are inquisitive and may begin chewing through glass, plastic or electrical wires.

6. Have fun!