Along with cats and dogs a bird is one of the most popular pet options and that’s why it’s important to keep them tweeting a happy tune.

According to the Australian Veterinary Association (ACA) it’s important to remember there is a limited number of generations between your bird and its wild ancestors. Your pet is at best a tamed wild bird that wants to behave like its wild counterparts and should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. As well as providing your feathered friend with food, water and appropriate shelter you also need to protect them from fear and distress and provide them with the opportunity to express normal behavior, which includes socializing, chewing, biting, foraging for food, climbing and flying. Taking the time to train your bird and teach it proper behavior is the best way to ensure it’s happiness.

The ACA says the best way of training your bird involves showing them what you want by prompting, demonstrating the skill with another bird or luring them with a treat and then rewarding them when they perform the desired behavior.This type of training is superior to other training methods that may involve aversive techniques. It shows the bird precisely what is required, helps to minimize aggression, and builds a better and stronger bond between you and your bird.

Most birds thrive on routine. This starts with feeding at set times and it’s best not to leave your bird alone when eating so they learn that having people around food is a good thing.Putting tasty treats into your bird’s bowl as they are eating will help your bird look forward to people being around at meal times and help them become less protective of food.