Australia’s favourite giraffe appears to have had its neck saved from the chopping block.

ABC News reports that Education Minister Simon Birmingham has thrown the popular education program a lifeline.

Healthy Harold, the giraffe that invites kids into his dark van to talk to them about drugs, is part of Life Education Australia (LEA).

There was mass outcry yesterday when LEA chief executive David Ballhausen revealed that the program’s federal funding had been cut from $500,000 to $0.

“This is quite… remarkable given the compelling need that exists across our community for strong, sustained and effective preventative health education,” he said in a statement.

Today, however, the Government appears to have done a backflip, with Education Minister Simon Birmingham tweeting that the Government will continue to support LEA.

David Hallhausen has thanked the public for their support of the program, which he believes led to the Government’s change of heart.

“Thank you for the extraordinary support we received last night. It was critical in helping generate this positive response from the Australian Government,” he said.

“We look forward to quickly resolving this issue and will keep you informed of the outcome.”

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