Make slime, test chemical rocket engines and see drones in action at the next Our Lady’s College Open Day!

In a world of pseudoscience, fake news and alternative facts, there’s never been a better time to highlight the STEM subjects — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

From everyday technology to breakthrough advancements in medicine, artificial intelligence and space exploration, STEM shapes the world around us and holds the key to Australia’s ability to keep pace in the global economy.

Our Lady’s College in Annerley has seen the benefits of placing an emphasis on STEM subjects, with former students like Professor Maree Smith (the recipient of the prestigious Clunies Ross Science Award in 2016 for her work on a pioneering painkiller) and Melissa Penny (recently awarded a professorship of the Swiss National Science Foundation to research parasites, medicines and vaccines) going on to have great careers.

The school is determined to do its part to produce scientifically literate, critically thinking citizens, which is how the STEMCELL initiative was born.

After launching in 2016 with a competition to design a logo for the group (and no shortage of students wanting to participate), the STEMCELL program is bigger and better in 2017, with students being given the chance to study fun topics like:

  •  The Science of Cosmetics
  • Silly Science for Sensible Students
  • Learning to Fly UAVs (Drones)
  • Basic Electronics (with students eventually building a practical electronic device of their own)
  • Robotics and Coding
  • Forensic Science
  • Web Design

Our Lady's College

The STEMCELL program encourages senior students to lead and mentor younger students. This year, four Year 11 students have even been recognised as University of Queensland Science Ambassadors, while a large contingent of the school’s STEM students from Year 9 and 10 were recently sent to the Science and Engineering Challenge at QUT!

STEMCELL will be at the forefront of the school’s upcoming Open Day. You’ll have the chance to see the school’s drones in action, have fun making slime, witness physics demonstrations using electronics sensors and test chemical rocket engines — and, for the less squeamish, there’ll even be a piglet dissection.

To see what Our Lady’s College can offer your daughter, come along to the Our Lady’s College Open Day at 15 Chester Road, Annerley on Saturday 20 May from 10am to 1pm. Register now at

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