Young women pursuing tertiary studies in Brisbane in 2017 are invited to discover what Townsville resident Skye Paine is already experiencing – that St Margaret’s College, a new residential college in Brisbane’s inner north, is proving to be a gateway to opportunity.

In 2015, Skye and her family met with College Director Kylie Armstrong at the QUT Open Day, where they learned about this boutique college accommodation high on a hill in leafy Ascot, with views across the city, which provided a safe and supportive environment and offered a unique Student Success Program.

Skye, who is undertaking a double degree in a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Queensland, said she chose St Margaret’s College because she felt it offered her both the support and the inspiration she needed to succeed.

Having been at the college for one semester now, Skye revealed that in addition to the college programs, one of the best things about living there was the chance to form life-long friendships with girls from right around Australia.

“The greatest thing about living at St Margaret’s College is the people you get to live with. You have the opportunity to establish solid friendships with an amazing bunch of girls,” she said.

Skye also highlighted the benefits that came from the College’s networking events. These events provide residents with the chance to connect with industry professionals in their chosen career field, providing great insight and valuable contacts.

Another advantage of living at the college Skye has enjoyed are the employment opportunities provided by St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, adjacent to the college.

“Being a St Margaret’s College resident has already given me access to valuable employment opportunities at the school. I have worked part-time in the school library, student support services, and general reception, and I have just gained a paid internship within the school’s marketing department. This incredible opportunity has provided me with the chance to utilise my business and journalism skills that I have gained from university, and apply these to real work-life situations,” said Skye.

Other college residents have also been employed by St Margaret’s, either in the boarding house, or as tutors or sports coaches.

“St Margaret’s College has been a truly amazing opportunity for me. It is an experience that not only builds character, friendships and skills, but has provided me with the chance to become involved in College Committees, engage in employment opportunities and form life-long friendships.”

For more information about the College, arrange a tour or to apply, go to their website or call (07) 3862 0850.

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