These flower girls prove you’re never too old to try something new.

When Josh and Maggie Wakefield got married recently, they decided not to go with the traditional young flower girls.

Instead, their two flower girls had a combined age of 149 years, and they absolutely slayed.

Josh’s grandma, Drue, is 74, and Maggie’s grandma, Joyce, is 75. But when they were asked to the flower girls at Maggie and Josh’s wedding at White Chimneys in Gap, Pennsylvania, they didn’t have to think twice.

“Immediately after we asked them, a big smile formed on their faces,” Maggie told HuffPost.

Grandma flower girls

Image: Drue and Joyce put the petal to the metal. Credit: Ashley Elizabeth Photography

Maggie’s father passed away due to colon cancer in 2013, so she was particularly keen to make sure both of her father’s parents played a big role in the wedding.

Not only did her grandma serve as the flower girl, but her grandpa, Ronald Sr (Joyce’s husband), walked the bride down the aisle.

“She is like a second mother to me,” Maggie said of her grandma. “I have so many fond memories of my sister and I sleeping over at my grandmother’s house as children making homemade sugar cookies. My grandparents have been a huge support in my life and I learned to really value their opinions and stories.”

Photos of Joyce and Drue, taken by Ashley Elizabeth Photography, are now being shared around the world.

Grandma flower girls

Image: Joyce and Ronald Sr share a dance. Credit: Ashley Elizabeth Photography

Earlier this year, bride Emilie Voss went viral when she asked her 95-year-old grandmother, Alice, to be her flower girl.

Grandma flower girl

Image: Bride Emilie Voss and her grandma Alice. Credit: Brian Evans Photography / Facebook

“I don’t think my Grandma Alice thought we were serious when we asked her to be part of our big day,” she wrote on her Facebook page, “but she did not disappoint.”

Grandma flower girls

Image: Alice goes to work. Credit: Brian Evans Photography / Facebook

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