A young mum’s efforts to cheer her son up after he cut his head playing in his room have gone viral – and for good reason!

The young boy cut his forehead on the edge of his bed jumping into a pile of laundry and was too embarrassed about the scar to leave the house, so his mum got a red Crayola pen and turned him into a little Harry Potter.

The boy’s mum, an Imgur user called mommybrittaney, posted a series of pictures of the Harry Potter transformation on the site, with the first picture titled “It’s ok, mommy can fix this….”


via mommybrittaney on Imgur

“I was doing laundry and he decided the pile of clothes in his room looked too fun for him not to jump on. So he jumped and slipped and hit his head on the edge of the bed frame,” mommybrittaney wrote in the comments.

“He was so embarrassed about his scratch and didn’t want to leave the house and be seen with it dressing him up as Harry Potter was my first instinct.”


via mommybrittaney on Imgur


via mommybrittaney on Imgur

This mum is a real genius!


via mommybrittaney in Imgur

Is that a smile we see?


via mommeybrittaney on Imgur

via mommybrittaney on Imgur

via mommybrittaney on Imgur

Apparently, the little guy loves to dress up as his favourite characters, and also uses the round glasses for the days when he wants to dress up as Spengler from Ghostbusters. He looks adorable!

Not everyone thought it was a good idea, though. The mum did receive a few concerned comments and negative remarks online, to which she replied: “Those of you who are parents, let them get a little dirty, let them have a little fun and always kiss their boo boos.”

We know one thing for sure — if Harry Potter was cast again, this little guy would definitely give Daniel Radcliffe a run for his money!