Watching TV, eating ice cream, riding a bike and smiling are all important homework tasks for this teacher’s students.

Jenny Thom, a primary school teacher at Bucklebury Church of England Primary School near Reading, England, knows that the days before an important test are a stressful time for her students.

That’s why, in the last couple of days before their SATs, she gave them homework that would ensure they used their weekends wisely.

“Please complete as many of these activities as possible and tick to say they have been done,” she wrote.

The activities included eating ice cream, going for a bike or scooter ride, reading a book, spending time with people they love, laughing until their tummy hurt, seeing friends, doing something they have never done before, and eating more ice cream.

If they felt it was absolutely necessary, the students were allowed to revise their study — but only for a maximum total of one hour.

“Remember,” she concluded, “Mrs Thom is in charge of worrying — you don’t need to.”

A photo of the assignment has gone viral, earning praise for encouraging and allowing kids to enjoy being kids.

In a statement, Bucklebury School said they “absolutely recognise the value of assessment”, but also appreciate the meaning behind Mrs Thom’s homework assignment.

“It recognises the enormous amount of hard work and dedication invested by children passionate about learning,” the school said.

“It also reflects our beliefs about education and the recognition that outcomes from tests at [11] years old do not dictate who you are or who you might become.”

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