After some consideration, we’ve decided to endorse this park.

When Oliver Turpin decided he wanted to build an enclosure for his tortoise, he spared no expense.

Nerd Approved reports that Oliver built the iconic main entrance to the park, the visitor centre, and even a damaged fence that looks like the one in the film.

“It has grazing areas with seeds planted to grow as the weather gets better,” Oliver writes, as well as a pool for him to drink from and swim in.

Alas, the tortoise — named Louie — probably hasn’t seen the film, and doesn’t really seem to care for all the effort Oliver has gone to.

Of course, diehard Jurassic Park fans will know there is a link between tortoises and the film — the distinctive sounds of the film’s velociraptors were made by recording tortoises mating.

Yes, really.

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