Remember all those exciting little goodies you used to get from the tuckshop back in school – iced finger buns, flavoured milks, cakes, chips, slushies and ice blocks? Well, they’re all a thing of the past.

Changes to Queensland’s Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drinks Supply Strategy will see schools around the state remove all the junk food and sugary items from their tuckshop menus, to promote healthier eating habits in children.

Queensland school tuckshops follow a traffic light category system with healthy food items listed as green and unhealthy options red, and anything in the middle listed as amber.

According to the new regulations, items such as carbonated juices, vegetable crisps, corn chips and all baked goods are now classified as ‘red’ items, and will be removed from school canteen menus by term three in July this year.

Instead, kids will chow down on green category food items like plain water, low fat milk, plain rice, cous cous, plain air-popped popcorn and canned tuna or salmon.

Delicious, right?

Queensland Association of School Tuckshops executive services manager Chris Ogden told Brisbane Times the changes were just a “tweak” to existing menus with only a few categories, like drinks, being changed.

“There have been changes to the dietary guidelines, trying to get people to have less sugar and that is why the drinks have changed so dramatically,” he said.

Soft drinks haven’t been allowed in tuckshops since Smart Choices was introduced in 2007, but Chris said the alteration will eliminate carbonated juices that often have level of sugar similar to soft drinks.

From July this year, all soft drink, iced tea, cordial, sport drinks and flavoured mineral waters will be classified as ‘red’ items and will not be sold in tuckshops.

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