It’s safe to say that all parents want their children to go to a great school and get a good education, but how do you know if the school you’ve chosen is the right one for them? Why not ask the students?

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School is holding an Open Day on Saturday 5 March, where you can do just that!

Tucked away in the leafy surrounds of suburban Ascot, St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School is well known for its focus on academic excellence, quality learning and teaching and its commitment to pastoral care.

Boasting a significant boarding population from across Australia and around the world, the school not only provides for the education of girls from Pre-prep to Year 12, but for boys in Pre-prep and Prep too. And when it comes to education they don’t mess around.

The school offers an incredible array of academic and extracurricular programs for students to learn and develop in their chosen fields, including international music, language and service tours providing students the opportunity to venture overseas; a year 10 global exchange program; and their secondary school Flyers Program for high achieving academics and those with elite aspirations in the sporting and performing arts worlds.

Another program supporting students’ learning is the school’s Supervised Study Sessions Program, extending the school day after the usual library closure and providing after hours homework and study support under the supervision of tutors, with dinner included.

During St Margaret’s Open Day parents interested in secondary schooling will be taken on a campus tour by the Year 11 girls, who will share their school experiences with the group.

And, for those looking into primary education for their child, the Year 6 girls will take parents through all there is to know about Pre-prep up to Year 6.

Visitors can also have chat with some of the students’ parents over a cuppa in one of the parent refreshment lounges.

Unlike any other, this Open Day will also give parents the rare opportunity to attend classes and experience firsthand what their children will be learning and getting up to each day!

Watch the students making lip balm and building spaghetti bridges in science or exploring animation and programming in business and technology. Check out the sport and visual arts programs via showcases throughout the day or take a look at a mathematics class from all angles.

So plan to visit St Margaret’s Open Day on Saturday 5 March from 9.30am to 12.30pm and ask the students what they think of the school; it could just be the school you’ve been looking for!

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