An inspirational new campaign helping to explore collaborative efforts between children across the globe, has given a small group of children the challenge of a lifetime – to build a real-life Christmas log home.

The project is run by an UK company called, WeBelieve and will see a small group of children build a 7,500 square foot Christmas log home, to give children with terminal illnesses the ability to visit Santa and Mrs Claus all year round.

WeBelieve’s Dan Winters says this is a project led by children, for children.

“We actively encourage every child with an idea to share, or a story to tell, to collaborate with the campaign, contributing to something truly extraordinary that will touch the lives of many children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses,” he says.

“The aim is, of course, to see what children can achieve without an initial source of financial backing or personal incentive.”

“Their bright ideas are powering the project forwards, and it’s a truly wonderful and exciting thing to be a part of.”

As part of this particular festive challenge, a small international community of students are faced with the monumental task of gaining global support for this mammoth project.

The idea – which came from the bright young sparks themselves – requires them to raise donations throughout the holiday season, as well as getting important contractors and experts on board with the project.

Currently, the children are exploring different ways to support their campaign, from the development of educational toys, short stories and merchandising, to their very own mobile application – SantApp!

The Christmas House will have six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and offer on-site medical care with 19 staff on hand to assist.

“We hope to launch more challenges like this in the future, to help children realise their potential and to kick-start a multitude of life-changing projects around the world,” Dan says.

For more information about the WeBelieve campaign, visit their fundraising page