A new sleeping Santa craze has taken the world by storm, after an adorable photo of a baby asleep with Santa went viral on Facebook.

It all started when 6-month-old Zeke Walters from Evansville in Indiana fell asleep waiting in the line for Santa at a shopping centre.

His father, Donnie Walters told Buzzfeed News that Zeke couldn’t handle the excitement and passed out, and that the family were just about to go for a walk when Santa stepped in.

“(Santa said) Don’t wake your child; we got the perfect shot,” Donnie said.

Santa placed Zeke on his side and pretended to be asleep, as the photographer took the shots.

Donnie decided to share the photos on a Facebook page he set up for Zeke after he was born, and boy were they a hit!

The photo has been shared more than 200,000 times and has over 450,000 likes on Facebook. Yikes!

People all around the world have now jumped on the Sleeping Santa band wagon, getting their own cute sleeping pics.

Channel Nine’s Today Show shared this one last week, receiving over 3,000 shares and 60,000 likes.


Via Today Show Facebook page

Did you get any sleeping Santa photos this year?