One of Australia’s favourite children’s entertainers, Justine Clarke, is coming to Brisbane this month on her Pyjama Jam tour.

In line with her fifth studio album release Pyjama Jam, the tour has seen Justine performing lullabies and bed time songs around the country – and now she’s set to make her Brisbane appearance at QUT on Friday 20 November.

Justine says the show will be full of material from her new album, including Pyjamas and Shufflin’ Off To Bed and some old favourites.

“I’ve tried to make the show the kind of show that I would like to go to if I was taking my kids to a music concert,” she says.

“Being a parent and having three kids myself, you don’t really get out too much, so if you do have to sit in an auditorium for a show for your child — I just wanted to make sure everybody would have a good time.”

“I also want to make sure (the kids’) first experience of live music is a rich and as satisfying as it can be and hope to connect them to the joys of it. I enjoy music and I really hope that’s contagious.”

Justine says the album, Pyjama Jam, is a wind-down album for the kids.

“It sort of celebrates the journey from bath time through to putting your pyjamas on, through to shuffling off to bed and eventually going to sleep,” she says.

“Because of the nature of the album I wanted (the show) to be a more intimate experience, so a lot of that was finding venues that would suit the show and then making sure that you’ve got a great way to connect the kids to the music.

“It’s a real live music experience and I try to keep the kids engaged in the process as much as I can.”

Justine says she loves entertaining children and tries out most of her material on her own kids.

“A lot of the album (consists of) lullabies and some of them are ones that I would sing to my children,” she says.

“Taking a CD home or putting it in the car, that’s a big test to see if the kids like it and which songs they choose.”

Although Justine says working with kids isn’t always easy.

“You can never expect applause, even though it does come,” Justine says.

“It’s a much clearer exchange when adults come to see a show, though.”

Children are encouraged to come to the show in their pyjamas and bring their favourite toy.

“(Toys) don’t often get to see the light of day, they lie on a pillow all day waiting for their owners to cuddle them. So finally they get come out and have a dance and a moment in the sun!”

Justine Clark will perform at QUT Gardens Theatre on Friday 20 November. For tickets visit