An adorable one-year-old boy who was born with only half a skull has said ‘hello’ to his parents — and to his supporters around the world.

Jaxon Buell, who just celebrated his first birthday, was given only days to live upon being born with a rare neural-tube condition.

The condition, known as Anencephaly, affects one in roughly 4,860 babies in the United States.

The boy’s parents were given a lot of flack by internet trolls for their choice to not abort Jaxon, but they have also received messages of support from all corners of the globe.

Mr Buell has said they were given the option by doctors to abort Jaxon at 23 weeks, but decided that their decision to keep their son was “our choice, and only our choice. No doctor could tell us exactly what was wrong or what to expect.”

The couple keep a Facebook page where they document their son’s journey. When they posted this video of Jaxon saying “hello”, they said it was for the kids who have drawn him pictures.

“You can’t see our shocked and happy expressions behind the camera,” they wrote, “but we are super proud parents to be able to witness Jaxon speaking yet again! Such a brilliant little man!”